A new era in Islamic Law research.

For centuries, Islamic Law has been a cornerstone of legal, social, and ethical guidance across diverse communities around the globe. However, the vast repositories of knowledge within the tradition have remained inaccessible due to the physical limitations of texts and the scattered nature of resources.

Researchers have to travel to far-flung libraries or private collections scattered across different continents. And when they do get their hands on these texts, they are confronted with an even greater challenge: the absence of advanced research tools.

Researchers have to manually go through volumes of texts to find specific references or legal rulings. The process is time-consuming and frustratingly slow.

We’re here to change this.

We’re transforming Islamic Law research by digitizing thousands of classical texts, organizing them for easy navigation, and developing powerful search tools and algorithms. By doing so, we hope to unlock new insights and make the field accessible to researchers worldwide.

We’re a group of technologists and lawyers bringing expertise from Harvard, UPenn, Twitter, and Quran.com to solve this problem.

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